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This week's #MondayMotivation focuses on 'The Tricky Brain'. We often talk about this is therapy and counselling and it can really help clients to see that many of the problems they blame themselves for are not their fault: the old part of our brain hasn't kept up and presents us with all sort of problems.
Basically, the hardware and software in certain parts of our brain haven't updated, through no fault of our own, making things quite tricky for us, especially when it comes to anxiety, worry, panic and stress. So, parts of the brains operating system, built to help us many 1000s of year ago haven't updated, yet we still live out lives according to that old, outdated operating system.
If you don't update your phone or laptop, it starts causing problems over time, right? Certain parts of the brain are the same. However, we can't reach into the brain and tinker about with those parts that haven't evolved so well, can we? No. But we ca…
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#FridayFacts: Developing your Resilience

 #FRIDAYFACTS: Resilience

The 'facts' this week look at 'Resilience'. Have a look at the poster and try making a weekly goal to incorporate one of the tasks into your daily/weekly routine to improve your resilience. Personalise it to you, make it fun, if you can!

Feel free to get in touch via the website or email if you are looking for help, support or to access services. Our experienced, encouraging and warm therapists and counsellors can support you in developing resilience, managing stress and anxiety, developing confidence and assertiveness and help you to work towards improving your life in many ways.

We are here to listen, support and guide you.

Take care and have a great weekend.

#FridayFacts: Grounding Techniques for Anxiety, Panic, Stress, Anger & Other Overwhelming Emotions

This week's #FridayFacts focus on 'Grounding Techniques'.

Grounding techniques are a set of tools used to assist you to stay in the present moment during episodes of intense anxiety or other over-whelming emotions.

Staying in the present moment allows people to feel safe and in-control by focusing on the physical world and how they experience it.

Grounding is easy to do. Just focus on some aspect of the physical world, rather than on your internal thoughts and feelings (see some suggestions in the info-graphic below). Focus on the present rather than the past. Practice your grounding techniques so that they will come naturally when you are upset or anxious.

Try a variety of techniques and rate the effectiveness of each technique in keeping you calm. Have others assist you in using these techniques by reminding you to practice them and use them as soon as you are feeling emotionally.

The info-graphic below illustrates only a couple of grounding techniques - the…

#FRIDAYFACTS: Night Eating Syndrome

 #FRIDAYFACTS: Night Eating Syndrome
This week's #FridayFacts focus on Night Eating Syndrome (NES).
This is a lesser known form of eating disorder/disorder, despite being first recognised and written about by Stunkard in 1951.
We've had clients who have tackled NES and gone on to improve their relationship with food, develop more helpful eating habits and improve life generally.
Here's some of the signs and symptoms of Night Eating Syndrome:
* Not formally classified as ED, but acknowledged as form of ED. More people are now speaking about their experiences with NES.
* NES first discussed by Albert Stunkard in 1951. He characterised it as ‘ongoing and persistent pattern of overeating late at night’.
* In NES, there is a lack appetite in the morning and afternoon, but the person engages in overeating late at night and during the night, when they frequently awaken to overeat.
* Those experiencing NES tend not have a one-off binge. Rather, they overeat at various intervals throughou…

#MondayMotivation: Words on Recovery

-Recovery is turning mountains into hills.
-Recovery is never giving up.
-Recovery, where anything can happen.
-Recovery is life taking on new meaning.
-Recovery is improving myself in life and staying healthy. You can shine no matter what you are made of.
-Recovery is the part of life that leads to better things.
What small steps are you going to take today towards recovery? Whatever these might be, be compassionate to yourself, speak to yurself gently and with patience and above all, remember, you are doing the very best that you can at the moment with what you have, at the stage you are. Keep going, you're going great. All the best, Alexandra

Another blog on #MensHealthWeek


As we mentioned earlier on the week, it's Men's Health Week #MensHealthWeek this week, and that includes mental health too. 

And guess what? Anyone identifying as male also have mental health too! We often forget about this and many men experience unhelpful and exasperating comments such as 'Boys don't cry', 'Man up', Come on, be the big man' and 'why would you feel like that...don't be a girl!'

Argggh! Why is is OK for females to talk about how they feel, but not men? Well, actually IT IS OK for boys and men to talk about how they feel. It's ok for ANYONE to talk about how they feel. Actually, it's not just OK, we want to hear what things are like for you. You ARE IMPORTANT and what you are experiencing IS IMPORTANT!

Talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings can not only help you, it can help other guys start taking and having conversations too. The more guys that…
It's #MenlHealthWeek and here's this week's #MondayMotivattion too.
This is Men's Health Week, and health includes mental health.
This week's #MondayMotivation is a poem by F.Scott Fitzgerald (one of my favourite authors).
For what it's worth it's never too late to start over again, no matter what age you are, whether you identify as male, female or neither. Many of our clients have 'started again' in their 40s, 50s and 60s and while change was a bit scary and daunting for them, undoubtedly, their lives improved.
Many have, through therapy, explored and discovered who they really are and identified those parts of themselves and their identity that may have remained hidden or out of sight, for many reasons, They have learned how to acknowledge who they are and begin to express it.
Hope you like the poem below and that you all get something from it. Stay safe, take care and hope you have a good day, Alexandra support@glasg…