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#FridayFacts: Stress

This week's facts are related to stress. Stress affects us in so many different ways - emotional, social, psychological, physical, health, work, relationships, spiritual - and can affect each person in different ways.
The poster below illustrates some of these effects. Hope you find it useful. It's important to address stress as soon as you can before it gets worse and begins impacting on other areas of your life. Avoid this 'snowballing' as soon as you can by talking to a professional or accessing some help and support.
Feel free to get in touch with either of our two practices (Talking EDs or Citizen17 Therapy, CBT and Counselling Services) if you would like to book an appointment with our Stress Management Therapist or if you would like to access any other services.
Hope you have a stress-less day! :-)

#FridayFacts - Myths and Misconceptions About Therapy and Counselling

Mental health, emotional or psychological challenges affect millions of people around the world.
However, unfortunately, myths and misconceptions about therapy and counselling often discourage people from seeking help and support. Such myths also contribute to the stigma surrounding mental health issues and prevent people from learning more about or utilising the services of trained mental health professionals, such as CBT therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists.
The poster below helps to dispel some of these myths and conception and give you some 'facts' about therapy and counselling.
If you are looking for some therapy, counselling, stress management sessions or guided CBT self-help, please feel free to browse our website: or or please feel free to get in touch.

#MondayMotivation - Goals

Hope you all had a good weekend. Hope you like this week's Monday Motivation! Feel free to share!
Feel free to get in touch with Talking EDs (Glasgow & West Eating Disorder Support Service) if you are looking for some help, support or someone to talk to professionally: or get in touch with our other practice, Citizen17 Therapy, CBT & Counselling Services:
Have a good day everyone :-)

Have a Good Weekend!

Have a good weekend everyone! :-)