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Body Image and Self Esteem

  BODY IMAGE AND BODY ESTEEM   The messages we get and absorb as children, teenagers and as adults about our bodies and appearance can really shape how we feel and think and about our bodies.    These messages can come from school, parents, family, wider society, peers, friends, health professionals and things we read and see.   These messages work to shape our perception of our body and can lead to negative body image and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder).   This perception, however, is often not how we 'actually' look and so a discrepancy exists between 'perceived' or 'interpreted' body image, based on the messages we have absorbed over the years and our 'actual', 'real', or 'factual' appearance. Psychotherapy and counselling, amongst other things, would seek to reduce this gap or discrepancy and help you see the 'real' body, not the negative body image that has been shaped and coloured by unhelpful and even harmful messages from e

Is stress causing you worry, nervousness, anxiety, low mood, depression or other distress or difficulties?

  Is stress causing you worry, nervousness, anxiety, low mood, depression or other distress or difficulties? Stress is that 'word' from the 1980s that was traditionally associated with 'yuppies'. Anyone remember that term? I am old enough that I do. It's a horrible word that, in the 1980s, was coined for busy businessmen working in the city who were stressed by their fast pace of life.   It's not really accurate though, is it?   We ALL experience stress form time-to-time and that's part of our lives. However, when stress becomes unmanageable, out-of-proportion of the events/thing we are worried about, too much to cope with, causes us to develop unhelpful coping mechanisms (eating, drinking, smoking, over-work etc. distraction etc.) or impacts on our mood, feelings, physical wellbeing or other areas of our life, then many stress is starting to become a problem.    Some stress is ok. It can motivate us to action or complete tasks, Too much stress, however, ca


Looking for a new or second therapy or consulting room to work from? Maybe you are looking for some private space to work from (therapists and non-therapists) on a regular basis? Maybe you are new to private practice and just starting out and need somewhere flexible and professional to see clients while you build your practice.   Whatever the case may be, Glasgow Therapy Rooms has several comfortable, well-equipped and well-decorated therapy and consulting rooms to rent on an hourly or block booking basis in Glasgow city centre. Please note that we are unable to accommodate one-off bookings.    If you would like more information on what is on offer or have any questions, please feel free to browse the website or get in touch via email.    Best wishes,    Glasgow Therapy Rooms