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Monday Motivation... for men

#MondayMotivation .... for men Many mental health blogs, campaigns, services etc. are often geared towards *females. However, *men have mental health too, don't they? Of course they do! And it's really important to encourage them to seek support and a listening ear too. Good mental health supports good physical health. Men have mental health too and it's really important that those identifying as male have just as much opportunity as anyone else to access support, talking therapies and a listening ear (and be understood and validated too). This is a very powerful picture. We never really know what's going on for someone, even when they appear happy, content, calm or 'sorted'. I would suggest being gentle with yourself too - you are doing the best you can with what you have at this time. Hope you like this week's #MondayMotivation poster. Take care,    Alexandra *


#FridayFacts DEALING WITH DIFFICULT FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS This week's facts focus on dealing with difficult feelings and emotions. Please see the picture below. We see many clients in all three practices who find it tricky or difficult to cope with or manage feelings, emotions and moods that are, in particular, distressful. We often talk about how they wish to 'escape' the feelings, either by avoiding or distracting or perhaps by engaging in some unhelpful, even risky behaviour, in an attempty to numb or suppress the discomfort the feeling causes (e.g. binge eating, self-harm, alcohol, over-work etc.). In psychotherapy, we call this distress intolerance and difficulty with emotional regulation. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to you that most of our clients (and much of the general population actually) have, at some time, difficulty managing distress and intense feelings or emotions. The key is to learn new ways of accepting emotions and practising strategies to tole

What do you want to throw away?

What do you want to throw away? Some anxious feelings? Some unhelpful habits? Some low mood? Or perhaps some stress? Maybe it's a relationship, a job, some stress or painful memories. Whatever you want to throw away, we can help. We work with you, on an individual basis, at your own pace and with your goals in mind. You, and your therapist work together, flexibly, collaboratively and in partnership, to improve your quality of life and throw away some of the things that hold you back or no longer work for you. Our therapists and counsellors and experienced, friendly, supportive and encouraging and will tailor therapy and counselling to you. We currently have some online appointments available with our therapists in Scotland and England and in-person appointments available at our offices in Glasgow city centre. Let us help you throw away some stuff. Get in touch to find out about how we can help.   Get in touch with one of our practices here: www.

Have you heard of HSP?

Have you heard of HSP?     Well, HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person and it's probably not what you think. Around 20% of all humans and 20% of around 100 species of other animals experience HSP. Of course, the figues may be higher than this.   We also find that many of our clients experience HSP too and may not be aware of it or have been diagnosed with another condition, when, in fact, they rate highly on HSP traits.   HSP is a term for those who are thought to have an increased or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. HSP may also be referred to as sensory processing sensitivity (SPS).   If you are interested in finding out more, have a look at Elain Aron's self-test here:   Of course, when doing any scales/questionnaires/quizzes, caution is always advised. However, if you feel that this applies to you, please know that is support and a listening ear available.   Best wishes,

Time to Talk Day 2021: we are here to talk too

Today is Time to Talk Day 2021   Today is Time to Talk Day 2021 and is a national event in the UK.   The aim is to start conversations about mental health and help end the stigma.   Through our psychotherapy and counselling practices (see below) , we can provide time to talk. Our experienced, encouraging, professional and understanding psychotherapists and counsellors can provide you with a safe, empathic and confidential place and time to talk about whatever is going on in your life.    Things are really difficult for many people at the moment. Why not give yourself some time each week or fortnight to have a conversation about your mental health and have some time to talk about how you are doing.    We can provide in-person and online appointments in Scotland and online appointments elsewhere in the UK (we have some therapists in England).    If you are looking for some time to talk, please feel free to get in touch with us as follows:   * Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Se