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Did you know? We also offer Life Coaching. Find out more below.

LIFE AND PERSONAL COACHING Did you know? We also offer Life Coaching in addition to counselling, psychotherapy, dietetics and other mental health support? Our therapist and coach, Natalia, has a wealth of experience supporting a wide range of people and groups. Coaching provides you with tools and techniques to confidently face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers and eventually view life from a new and more hopeful, perspective. Sessions are typically for a specific duration (e.g. 8 weeks) (although it can be longer-term, if you want) and involves a partnership between you and your therapist/coach who will encourage you to explore how to make positive changes in life. Support and feedback are offered to help you to stay focused on your goals. Click the link below to read more about Coaching and our other services. In-person (Glasgow city centre) and online (UK-wide) sessions available. Get in touch today. Take that first step and we will help you with the rest. Best wish

What do you want to throw away?

What do you want to throw away? Some anxious feelings? Some unhelpful habits? Some low mood? Or perhaps some stress? Maybe it's a relationship, a job, some stress or painful memories. Whatever you want to throw away, we can help. We work with you, on an individual basis, at your own pace and with your goals in mind. You, and your therapist work together, flexibly, collaboratively and in partnership, to improve your quality of life and throw away some of the things that hold you back or no longer work for you. Our therapists, counsellors, coaches and dietitians are experienced, friendly, supportive and encouraging and will tailor therapy and counselling to you. Appointments go at your pace! We currently have some in-person appointments available at our centre in Glasgow city dentre and online appointments available to anyone across the UK. . Let us help you throw away some stuff. Get in touch to find out about how we can help. Our contact details are below. Best wishes, Glasgow Anx

'I have a difficult relationship with my best friend'

'I have a difficult relationship with my  best friend'   Many of the people we work with in psychotherapy, counselling, dietetics, groups, training and in other capacities express how they have an almost love-hate relationship with food and eating. This can apply to any of the different forms of eating disorder/disordered eating that we see. Such a relationship causes so much distress and discomfort, not to mention the physical and often financial consequences that difficult relationships with food cause. Having such a 'best friend' also impacts on your social life and, for some, their work and education. How many lost opportunities, unfulfilled dreams and unmet needs have we witnessed and heard about over the years of working in this field? Too many to count. And all because of a 'best friend' who is really a destructive ,

1/2 Price Therapy and Consulting Room Hire in Glasgow City Centre

 1/2 Price Therapy and Consulting Room Hire in Glasgow City Centre   We're offering 1/2 price room hire for your first month of using therapy and consulting rooms with us. Offer ends at the end of March, so register as a room user with us before 31st March to ensure you get 1/2 price room hire for your first month. Feel free to get in touch via email for more information/if you have any questions or browse our website for more information and photos. Contact details below.    CONTACT E:      
Counselling and Therapy for Children and Young People Did you know? We can also offer counselling and therapy to children and young people aged 12-18 years? Our therapist, Jackie, can provide in-person appointments (Glasgow city centre) and online appointments (UK-wide) to children and young people aged between 12-18 years who are experiencing a range of concerns and difficulties, including anxiety, stress, grief, low mood and depression, difficulties coping, bullying, school issues, anger, manging emotions and more. Feel free to get in touch if you need any more information, have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Our contact details are below. Best wishes, Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (GADS) and Scotland Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (SADS) CONTACT DETAILS E:    

Focus on.... Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (or EDNOS)

Focus on.... EDNOS/OSFED Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (or EDNOS) is now increasingly known as OSFED (Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder) accounts for the highest percentage of eating disorders. EDNOS/OSFED is just as serious and debilitating as any other form of eating disorder and needs to be taken more seriously. Unfortunately, however, in our experience, this is often not the case and many are not given appropriate treatment or support (whether from family, friends, professionals and others) and the condition can deteriorte and even change into another form of eating disorder. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT EDNOS/OSFED? Then read on..... EDNOS/OSFED is the most commonly diagnosed eating disorder in clinical settings. It has often been described as ‘partial syndrome’; however, in our opinion, referring to an eating disorder as 'partial' presents several problems, namely that the client or patient is denied support. EDNOS/OSFED describes a form eating d

World Book Day 2024 today

It's World Book Day 2024 today! The village next to me is having a book festival and has an emphasis on books for mental health. What book has been most helpful to your mental health or wellbeing? #worldbookday2024