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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation Hope you all had a great weekend! Here's this week's Monday Motivation #mondaymotivation Feel free to get in touch if you need any support through psychotherapy and counselling or dietetic/nutritional therapy. We are here to listen, support, encourage and assist you through change at your pace. Our contact details are in the comments below. Get in touch today to find out how psychotherapy, counselling (and dietetic/nutritional therapy) can help you to improve your quality of life. Best wishes, Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (GADS) Scotland Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (SADS) Scotland Online Therapy and Counselling Talking EDs: Eating Disorders Support Service Scotland Glasgow Therapy Rooms Part of M.H. Well W: W: W: W:

I am sooooo worried!

'I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORRIED!!!!!'   Self-Help Activity for you to try......   Reducing Worry and Anxiety with a ‘Worry Script’   Many people spend hours each day trying to avoid worrying about things that upset them. People distract themselves by watching TV, focusing on a new worry to avoid thinking about an old one, or even self-medicating with drinking, drugs, or over/under-eating. None of these things help reduce worrying.   In fact, most people find that the harder they try and avoid the thoughts that make them anxious, the worse they get. Trying to push something out of your mind is a little like trying to push a beach ball under water: it takes a lot of work to keep it down, and the minute you let it go, it pops right back up again.   Rather than putting all of your energy into avoiding upsetting thoughts and images, you can instead face your fears, and writing worry scripts is one way to help you do this.   By writing a worry script about your biggest worry, you will b

Emotional Vs Physical Hunger

Emotional Vs Physical Hunger In psychotherapy and counselling, one of the strategies we often do is to look at the differences between physical and emotional hunger. If you're interested in some of these differences (and how they apply to you perhaos) then check out the poster below.   Remember, we are here to support you. Our highly qualified, professional, friendly and supportive therapists and dietitians can offer in-person appointments at our service clinic in Glasgow city centre or we can provide online appointments to anyone in the UK (we work with people all over the UK and beyond).    Take that first step and get in touch to book an initial appointment with one of our therapists or dietitians (or both).   Our motto is: 'your voice counts: recovery exists'.    Best wishes,   Talking EDs: Eating Disorders Support Service Scotland CONTACT DETAILS W: E:

Coaching Counselling Sessions Available


Discounted Room Hire: Therapists Counsellors, Psychologists and Lone Workers Looking for a Space to Use

Discounted Room Hire: Therapists Counsellors, Psychologists and Lone Workers Looking for a Space to Use   Glasgow Therapy Rooms is offering DISCOUNTED therapy, counselling and lone-working room hire for the remainder of 2024. So, that's £10 per hour instead of £14 per hour for the rest of 2024.    This offer is applicable to any new room users registering with us. We are also introducing a 'Refer a Friend Scheme' too, which will give you even more discounts.    See our contact details below if you would like more information or have any questions.   Best wishes, Glasgow Therapy Rooms CONTACT DETAILS W: E:      

Stress Awareness Month...Are You Heading for Burnout?

Did you know that it's Stress Awareness Month?   Did you know that many of the people we work with in psychotherapy and counselling tell us:   I AM SOOOOO STRESSED!!   I FEEL I AM AT BREAKING POINT!   I AM SO OVERWHELMED BY WORK AND LIFE!!   Stress, overwhelm and burnout affect us in so many different ways: they affect how our brain works; they affect us physically; they affect our feelings and emotions and how we deal with them; they affect us at work and socially; and stress, overwhelm and burnout also affect our relationships and quality of life. That's a lot of things that stress, overwhelm and burnout can affect, isn't it?   Yet, many of us go along, just putting up with it until we arrive at some sort of breaking point and start feeling panic, anxious, out-of-control, exhausted and maybe even lost.   It doesn't have to be like that though.   There are lots of things you can do, with support, to help both prevent, and manage, stress, overwhelm and burnout. Some inv