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Male Eating Disorders

  MALE EATING DISORDERS   Men and boys and anyone identifying with other genders experience eating disorders and disordered eating too. We really need to stop leaving out non-females and other genders from the conversation. Why? Because to do so means we are discriminating against others, developing 'female-friendly' services only and perpetuating a very biased and unrepresentative picture of eating disorders. This means lots of people are don't have their voice heard and don't receive support and understanding. Here at Talking EDs, we see males and those identifying with other genders, of all ages and backgrounds who experience a range of eating disorders and disordered eating. As humans, we all eat after all. So why wouldn't eating disorder/disordered eating affect non-females and those identifying with other genders. We find it puzzling why so many people are left out of the eating disorders/disordered eating conversation. Eating disorders do not discriminate. Th

Can you help with this research on supporting a child/young person with eating-related difficulties?

If anyone can help with this research, please do get involved. Details in the poster below. Thanks!    

The Tricky Brain: Monday Motivation

  #MondayMotivation This week's #MondayMotivation focuses on 'The Tricky Brain'. We often talk about this in therapy and counselling and it can really help clients to see that many of the problems they blame themselves for are not their fault: the old part of our brain hasn't kept up and presents us with all sort of problems. Basically, the hardware and software in certain parts of our brain haven't updated, through no fault of our own, making things quite tricky for us, especially when it comes to anxiety, worry, panic and stress. So, parts of the brains operating system, built to help us many 1000s of year ago haven't updated, yet we still live out lives according to that old, outdated operating system. If you don't update your phone or laptop, it starts causing problems over time, right? Certain parts of the brain are the same. However, we can't reach into the brain and tinker about with those parts that haven't evolved so well, can we? No. But we


DO I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER? DO I HAVE A DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD AND EATING?    We get 1000s of emails a year from men, women, transgender, gender fluid, non-binary (and those who identify with other genders) asking if they had an eating disorder or if their eating 'problem' was 'bad' enough to get help, support or therapy. As far as we have always been concerned since we started in 2009, anyone who feels and thinks that their relationship with food and eating is difficult, problematic or distressful in some way deserves help and support. The link below provides some questions to ask yourself regarding your relationship with food and eating. We hope this is helpful to some people who might currently be questioning their relationship with food. ANYONE of any age, gender, nationality, race, culture, religion, sexuality, socioeconomic background, occupation,and weight can experience an eating disorder, disordered eating or a food and eating difficultly - eating d


  That's us now back from our festive break and we know that the new year can be a tricky time for many, for lots of different reasons. We all need someone to talk to sometimes.... don't we?   Talking to others about our problems, concerns, thoughts, feelings or about whatever is going on for us in life can be tricky at times. It can be hard to open up and have time to focus on ourselves.   However, your mental and emotional health is sooooooo important and deserves the same care as your physical health.   Sometimes we all need someone to talk to - about the big and the smaller things in life.   Perhaps you need a listening ear and someone to talk to about life's struggles and stresses. Or perhaps you experience low mood, depression, anxiety, problems with food/eating, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm etc. and other mental health issues.   Or perhaps you need some support with increasing confidence, self-esteem, relationship issues, assertiveness, stress and more.  


  1/2 PRICE THERAPY AND CONSULTING ROOM HIRE IN GLASGOW CITY CENTRE   We have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend room availability for any therapists, counsellors, psychologists and others who would like to register as a room user here at Glasgow Therapy Rooms.   We cannot accommodate one-off bookings at this time; however, whether you need a therapy/consulting/meeting room for 1 hour or 10 hours per week, we can help. As a thank you for joining as a registered room user, we are also offering 1/2 PRICE ROOM HIRE for your first month.   Get in touch if you want more information or have any questions or wish to book a viewing. Alternatively, have a browse of the website too. The contact details are below. We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow Therapy Rooms soon.   Best wishes,   Glasgow Therapy Rooms W: E: