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Monday Motivation: My Body

  Monday Motivation: My Body Hope you like this weeks #MondayMotivation ! It's a lovely insightful poem that we have read at the end of our former support groups a few times. It's called 'My Body' by Marianne Elliott. Hope you like it too! 'My Body' ''My body has taught me what feels good and what doesn’t. When I need kindness and when I need rest. She’s taught me to slow down, and to use all my senses to wander this world. She’s taught me about patience, even though I’m used to running her to the ground or condemning her for supposed flaws. She’s taught me forgiveness. She’s taught me that I am resilient, even though I often forget that I am. My body has taught me the beauty of laughter, a piece of music, a balmy wind against my face and the soothing warmth of green tea with honey. She’s let me release pentup powerful emotions, pen stories and create art that I am proud of. She’s taught me how to listen and care for my needs, especially when sickness st

How are you feeling today?

  How are you feeling today? Low mood? Desperate? Depressed? Can't get out of bed? Feeling life is on top of you? Some signs and symptoms of depression and low mood include:    * Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness * Sleep problems (e.g. disturbed sleep, waking up early, wanting to sleep all the time, difficulties getting up etc.) * Feelings of guilt and/or shame * Changes in appetite (eating more or less than usual) * Feelings of anger or agitation * Using alcohol, drugs or smoking more * Withdrawing from family, friends, work, life * Problems concentrating or focusing * Loss of interest or motivation in things that used to interest you * Dread in facing the world * Self-harm * 'Dark' thoughts (e.g. ending your life, thoughts of death, not wanting to exist anymore, harming yourself etc.) * No energy or feeling tired or lethargic all the time   Remember, some people will have all of these symptoms, some people with have some and some will have other symptoms that migh


  HOW TO MAKE A SAFE BOX OR COMFORT KIT This week's self-care or self-help exercise involves making a 'Safe Box' or 'Comfort Box'. Read about how to do this below.   Make yourself a 'Safe Box' or a 'Comfort Kit'. This can be very useful during times of distress, overwhelm or when we feel under threat in some way (e.g. anxious, confusing feelings etc.) What you put in your box/kit is up to you; however it's purpose is to provide you with a 'go to' a toolbox that you can reply on during times of distress or discomfort. You can choose from various things from the kit or box that will help you when you are feeling distressed, upset, unhappy, angry, sad or when your eating disorder thoughts, feelings and behaviours are overwhelming or difficult to control.   Some of the things the box/kit might include are:    * relaxation CDs; favourite music that you can dance to/cheers you up * photographs of happy times * blank thought records/diaries tha

Monday Motivation: The Tricky Brain

  #MondayMotivation This week's #MondayMotivation focuses on 'The Tricky Brain'. We often talk about this in therapy and counselling and it can really help clients to see that many of the problems they blame themselves for are not their fault: the old part of our brain hasn't kept up and presents us with all sort of problems. Basically, the hardware and software in certain parts of our brain haven't updated, through no fault of our own, making things quite tricky for us, especially when it comes to anxiety, worry, panic and stress. So, parts of the brains operating system, built to help us many 1000s of year ago haven't updated, yet we still live out lives according to that old, outdated operating system. If you don't update your phone or laptop, it starts causing problems over time, right? Certain parts of the brain are the same. However, we can't reach into the brain and tinker about with those parts that haven't evolved so well, can we? No. But w

Counselling or Clinical Psychologist Vacancy: Eating Disorders (Glasgow city centre)

Experienced Counselling or Clinical Psychologist: Eating Disorders You will see clients at our offices in Glasgow city centre CLOSING DATE: THURSDAY 18TH NOVEMBER 2021, 5PM Talking EDs: Eating Disorders Support Service Scotland seek to recruit a suitable Counselling or Clinical Psychologist to join our friendly, supportive team of psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health practitioners and dieticians. We are currently a team of 12. We are looking for an Affiliate Psychologist: Eating Disorders to provide in-person therapy and counselling appointments at our offices in Glasgow city centre. This role is not suitable for newly qualified therapists (0-3 years) or those with little or no experience of eating disorders. We are looking for someone to see our clients for one of the available clinic times below. We request that Affiliates commit to seeing a t least 5 clients per week during one of the clinics below. Other work will be available here and at our other non-eating

Change is Uncomfortable

CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE Monday Motivation   Here's this week's Monday Motivation.    ''The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change''.   Do we really want to change our eating disorders? Do we feel ready for change? Change is a big deal and important when seeking help, support, psychotherapy or counselling.   Sometime we really want things to change, but don't know how this can be possible, or we may feel we are faced with barriers, obstacles or limitations. Do you want to change but feel there are obstacles? How can we overcome these? What support can we get to help with this? What are the reasons for wanting to change? How can we bring about change?    If you are looking for some support with change, feel free to get in touch - our contact details are below.   Take care and, whatever you are doing today, have a good one.    Best wishes   Alexandra  Talking EDs: Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland Citizen17 Therapy, CBT