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Discounted Therapy, CBT and Counselling on Tuesday Afternoons

Please see poster below:  

Eating Disorders: Myths & Stereotypes

Eating Disorders: Myths & Stereotypes   As you might already know, it's Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019. And while we might not be doing as much as we have done in previous years, we are still doing something to raise awareness and also support those affected by eating disorders and eating problems/distress directly.   Unfortunately, there are many myths, misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding eating disorders and eating problems/distress that often discourage people from seeking help and support or talking about their experiences with someone. Such myths and stereotypes also contribute to the stigma surrounding eating disorders and eating problems/distress and prevent people from seeking help, talking about their experiences or utilising the services of public, private or third sector organisations and practices. The poster below helps to dispel some of these myths and stereotypes and hopefully helps to raise some awareness of eati

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019

IT'S EATING DISORDERS AWARENESS WEEK 2019 It's Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019! This theme this is stereotypes and even since we started 9 years ago now, Talking EDs have been trying to challenge eating disorder stereotypes whenever and wherever we go.  So, this year, we are distributing our updated 'myth-busting' leaflets and posters to companies, EAPs, colleges, universities, gyms and more. In addition our regular therapy and counselling clients, we are offering some free 1-hour drop-in sessions with one of our therapists. We were asked to do an interview with BBC Radio Scotland on eating disorder, however, it clashed with other work we are doing, so we hope to do this at a future date. We will be posting on our various social media accounts too this week and having discussion about eating disorder when we can. What will you be doing to promote Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019? Please do let is know!  # EDAW19 # eatingdisordera


#FridayFacts This week's #FridayFacts focus on 'Signs of Depression '. Of course, everyone's experience of low mood and depression is different, however, the poster below can help us to spot some of the signs of symptoms of depression in either ourselves or others. If you are looking to talk to someone about feeling depression, please feel free to get in contact and we can put you in touch with one of our experienced, warm and understanding therapists or counsellors. Alexandra.... E:
# MondayMotivation Hope you all had a good weekend. This week's #MondayMotivation is below. Hope you like it. Have a good day, whatever you are doing today. All the best, Alexandra :-)  

Anxiety Therapy and Counselling in Glasgow: Anxiety Matters

  Anxiety Therapy and Counselling in Glasgow: Anxiety Matters Anxiety does matter! We now have appointments available on Tuesday today with our other therapist/counsellor, Shirley. Get in touch for information, to book an appointment or browse our webpage for more details. See poster below too for more info!


# MondayMotivation Hope you all had a good weekend. This week's #MondayMotivation is below. Hope you like it. Have a good day, whatever you are doing today. All the best, Alexandra :-)  

Today is #TimeToTalk Day - what are you doing to help start conversations about mental health?

Today is # TimetoTalk Day. Conversations have the power to change lives, and you don't have to be an expert to talk about mental health. Still, too many people are made to feel ashamed because of a mental health problem. You can change that: however you do it, reach out and have a conversation about mental health today. As far as we are concerned, everyday is # TimeToTalk and we can start conversations about mental health at any time. We haven't planned an event to mark this, this year, however, we plan on doing an event later this year to start conversations and shari ng about mental health. Would you be interested? If so, email us on or I will be talking about mental health all day when seeing therapy clients and then teaching trainee therapists tonight. What will you being doing to mark #TimeToTalk Day?

Eating Disorders and 'Recovery'​

Eating Disorders and 'Recovery' There is no universally accepted definition of what ‘recovery’ is. It is one of those terms and concepts that is open to interpretation and can mean different things, to different people, at different times. Recovery means different things to each of us. However, in basic terms it means ‘getting better’ and living and learning to live and cope with everyday life without an eating disorder. Over the years, I have hosted various support group meetings and creative arts and crafts classes (for those experiencing eating disorders/disordered eating), both looking at 'recovery'. During a previous support group session a few years ago, we talked about what 'recovery' and 'getting better' means to us. What is 'recovery' and what does this mean for us? During this particular support group meeting, we also had a creative/art therapy-based session. We had lots of art materials and pictures to make our


#MondayMotivation Hope you all had a good weekend. This week's #MondayMotivation is below. Hope you like it. Have a good day, whatever you are doing today. All the best, Alexandra :-)        

We now have an Affiliate Therapist to help out at Talking EDs (Eating Disorders) and Citizen17 Therapy, CBT and Counselling Services

We can now provide therapy, CBT and counselling on Tuesdays in addition to all other days we offer. More information in the poster below. Feel free to get in touch for details or to book an appointment: or