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We all need someone to talk to sometimes.... don't we?

  We all need someone to talk to sometimes.... don't we? Talking to others about our problems, concerns, thoughts, feelings or about whatever is going on for us in life can be tricky at times. It can be hard to open up and have time to focus on ourselves. However, your mental and emotional health is sooooooo important and deserves the same care as your physical health. Sometimes we all need someone to talk to - about the big and the smaller things in life. Perhaps you need a listening ear and someone to talk to about life's struggles and stresses. Or perhaps you experience low mood, depression, anxiety, problems with food/eating, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm etc. and other mental health issues. Or perhaps you need some support with increasing confidence, self-esteem, relationship issues, assertiveness, stress and more. Whatever the case may be, our experienced and qualified psychotherapists and counsellors can provide access to qualified therapists and counsellors a

Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout: What is it and How to Get Support

I AM SOOOOO STRESSED!! I FEEL IAM AT BREAKING POINT! I AM SO OVERWHELMED BY WORK AND LIFE!! Stress, overwhelm and burnout affect us in so many different ways: they affect how our brain works; they affect us physically; they affect our feelings and emotions and how we deal with them; they affect us at work and socially; and stress, overwhelm and burnout also affect our relationships and quality of life. That's a lot of things that stress, overwhelm and burnout can affect, isn't it? Yet, many of us go along, just putting up with it until we arrive at some sort of breaking point and start feeling panic, anxious, out-of-control, exhausted and maybe even lost. It doesn't have to be like that though. There are lots of things you can do, with support, to help both prevent, and manage, stress, overwhelm and burnout. Some involve simple strategies that help keep us on an even keel. For others, a deeper understanding of their concerns are problems are needed. Whatever the case might