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No, really, I'm fine.... are you really fine?

No, really, I'm fine.... How often do we ask someone, whether it's a friend, family member, colleague, neighbour (or anyone else), 'how are you?' and they answer, 'I'm fine'? All the time, yes?  How often do people ask you, 'how are you?' and you answer, 'I'm fine'? All the time, I'm betting. It's that stock phrase we pull out and give everytime someone asks how we are doing. We often don't even think about saying it, its so automatic. Yet, often we are not fine. And often the person we are asking af ter isn't fine either. In fact, I am betting many people answer 'I'm fine' and, underneath, they are really struggling, hurting, in pain, worrying about something in their life and being faced with terrible news or a distressing situation. But, we will never know this until we starting letting others in and starting reaching out a bit more. Why are we so afraid of how we feel? What are we

VACANCY: Committee Member - Glasgow and West Eating Disorder Networking Group

PLANNING GROUP COMMITTEE MEMBERS WANTED for Glasgow & West Eating Disorders Networking Group CLOSING DATE: MONDAY 2ND MARCH 2020 Glasgow & West Eating Disorders Networking Group is a networking, ideas, discussion and interest group for anyone in Scotland with a professional interest in eating disorders.  Please note this is NOT a support group for those experiencing eating disorders. It will also be separate from the other services we provide (e.g. CBT, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, groups, mental health consultations, supervision, training etc.) A group of us started a similar network group in 2012 and it continued until 2016. This was for anyone interested in eating disorders either in a professional capacity from different parts of Scotland, who would like to network, meet for discussions, gatherings, focus groups, social activities, events and lots more. We are now re-launching and re-naming the networking group in 2019 and now looking fo

Vacancy: Affiliate Therapist: Eating Disorders (Adults and Young People): Glasgow city centre

Vacancy: Affiliate Therapist: Eating Disorders (Adults and Young People): Glasgow city centre (one morning/afternoon per week plus possible additional referrals ) CLOSING DATE: FRIDAY 20th MARCH 2020 * Would you like the opportunity to work with adult and young people  experiencing eating disorders/disordered eating in private practice?  * Would you like us to refer clients onto you while we take care of room hire fees, referral fees and advertising/marketing, admin, referrals, setting up initial appointments and still earn £30-£40 (£40 for after 5pm/weekend, £30 for daytime) per appointment?  * Would you like to receive other benefits, such as discounted supervision, access to room hire discounts (when you hire the room for your own clients), discounted access to therapist peer support groups , free coffee and chat clubs for affiliates and more?  * Would you like add a few clients to your own private practice and see the clients we refer

The CBT'ers Club is Back! Membership for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, mental health practitioners of all modalities - not just CBT!

The CBT'ers Club is Back!   Wondering what has been happening and what will happen? Well, we're 'breaking' the break from The CBT'ers Club. There were various reasons for the break (those of you who were previous members or on the mailing list will have got an extended email yesterday or this morning with details) and will be accepting Memberships in May again. We'll be kicking things off with a FREE networking event in Glasgow city centre in May. Refreshments and snacks provided and a great opportunity to meet and chat with other therapists, counsellors, psychologists etc. and meet with those you haven't seen for a wee while too. In June/July, we're also offering a FREE Therapist Support and Supervision Group (8 places available).  Not only that, we're offering Members the following: * Free Membership for 2020 * Free first 2 events of 2020 * Free membership to Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group * Discounted room hire