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  DIETITIAN AND NUTRITION SERVICES We have some online appointment available with our eating disorder and general dietitian, Jenny, on Mondays.    Jenny is really supportive, friendly and encouraging and can support you with an eating disorder, disordered eating and any non-eating disorder/general support you might need regarding food and eating. She is a HCPC-registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience.    Jenny can also offer the following:   * Support for eating disorder/disordered eating and non-eating disorders * Comprehensive dietetic assessment * Follow-up support and advice appointments (after the initial assessment session) * Reports and letters * Dietary advice and support * Dietary monitoring * Nutritional information and psychoeducation * Meal plans * Establishing healthy eating and healthy eating habits * Support with establishing regular eating patterns * Support to achieve improved nutritional status * Support with increase range of foods eaten * Support and in

Body Image Conversation Cafe Event on Saturday 2nd September

We're looking forward to hosting a Body Image Conversation Cafe tomorrow in Glasgow in conjunction with the Therapist Tea and Talk Club!