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1/2 PRICE Therapy and Consulting Room Hire

  Did you know?   We are providing 1/2 PRICE therapy and consulting room hire in Glasgow city centre to all new room users until the end of July 2023. So, it will be £7 per hour instead of £14 until the end of July. What a great saving that is!   There are some room viewings available this Friday 28th April before the bank holiday weekend and again on Sunday 7th May.    Get in touch for more information about what we can offer you or if you need any more information/have any questions.   CONTACT DETAILS W: E:    

About.... Feelings and Emotions

About.... Feelings and Emotions Emotions are something that we all experience, and yet so many people misunderstand or apply judgements against them. Misunderstanding sometimes lead to individuals being mocked, shamed or dismissed for feeling and expressing emotion (or for not publicly expressing emotions, especially in times of grief). There are numerous myths or misunderstandings about emotions that lead to people feeling they need to bottle everything up inside or not express themselves, but that can just lead to things building up inside of us over time. And what happens when something is held in and builds up and up and up? Eventually it explodes! This explosion can come in the form of tantrums, tears, anger or even violence, and unhelpful coping techniques. If you are have some feelings or emotions you would like to talk to someone about, or any thoughts and experiences you also wish to explore and discuss with someone, please get in contact and we can link you up with one of our

Stress Can Affect Us in So Many Ways

Did you know that this is Stress Awareness Month? We are seeing more and more people come to psychotherapy and counselling for stress related problems and concerns. Stress affects us in so many ways: mentally; emotionally; physically; occupationally; socially; relationally; spiritually and in so many other ways. Sometimes stress can become so overwhelming that we need some support to work through it. We offer a range of psychotherapy and counselling approaches, including stress management therapy and coaching. So, if you would like some support with managing stress, please feel free to get in touch and find out how we can support you. Our contact details are in the comments below. All of our therapists and dietitians are fully qualified, experienced, supportive, encouraging and work at your pace. They tailor appointments to you and your needs and preferences. The poster below shows some of the ways in which stress and tension can affect our bodies: however, that's just the tip of t