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#MondayMotivation: 5 Steps to Talking to Someone You Trsut

We all need someone to talk to sometimes.... don't we?      #MondayMotivation     Here's this week's Monday Motivation. Hope you like it! Feel free to share.   Talking to others about our problems, concerns, thoughts, feelings or about whatever is going on for us in life can be tricky at times. It can be hard to open up and have time to focus on ourselves.    However, your mental and emotional health is sooooooo important and deserves the same care as your physical health. The poster below gives some tips to help you move towards talking to someone about some of the thoughts, feelings, concerns or experiences you may have.     ** We All Need Someone to Talk To Sometimes...Don't We? **    Sometimes we all need someone to talk to - about the big and the smaller things in life. Perhaps you need a listening ear and someone to talk to about life's struggles and stresses. Or perhaps you experience low mood, depression, anxiety, problems with food/eating, OCD, body dysmor

#FridayFacts: Myths About Emotions

  # FridayFacts: Myths About Emotions Every Friday we'll post some 'facts' and information about mental health. This week's facts focus on 'myths about feelings and emotions'. Please see the picture below. EXTRA INFO: Emotions are something that we all experience, and yet so many people misunderstand or apply judgements against them. Misunderstandings sometimes lead to individuals being mocked, shamed or dismissed for feeling and expressing emotion (or for not publicly expressing emotions, especially in times of grief). There are numerous myths or misunderstandings about emotions that lead to people feeling they need to bottle everything up inside or not express themselves, but that can just lead to things building up inside of us over time. And what happens when something is held in and builds up and up and up? Eventually it explodes! This explosion can come in the form of tantrums, tears, anger or even violence, and unhelpful coping techniques. If you are hav

Monday Motivation: Make a Coping or Comfort Box

Monday Motivation Every Monday, we post some 'motivation': this could be a quote, picture, activity, story, articles etc. This week's 'motivation' involves making a 'Safe Box' or 'Comfort Box'. Read about how to do this below. Make yourself a 'Safe Box' or a 'Comfort Kit'. This can be very useful during times of distress, overwhelm or when we feel under threat in some way (e.g. anxious, confusing feelings etc.) What you put in your box/kit is up to you; however it's purpose is to provide you with a 'go to' a toolbox that you can reply on during times of distress or discomfort. You can choose from various things from the kit or box that will help you when you are feeling distressed, upset, unhappy, angry, sad or when your eating disorder thoughts, feelings and behaviours are overwhelming or difficult to control. Some of the things the box/kit might include are: * relaxation CDs; favourite music that you can dance to/cheers

Stress-Less Skills Support Group - FREE



Experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Psychologist: Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) (part-time, Glasgow city centre, in-person appointments)   YOU WILL SEE CLIENTS IN GLASGOW CITY CENTRE: PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CANNOT SEE CLIENTS IN THIS LOCATION Please note this position may close at any time, therefore, early submission of your application is highly encouraged .   PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE WORKING IN EATING DISORDERS/DISORDERED EATING AS THIS IS A SPECIALIST SERVICE.   Talking EDs: Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Support Service seek to recruit a suitable psychotherapist, counsellor or psychologist to join our friendly, supportive team of psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health practitioners and dieticians. We are recruiting for an Affiliate Specialist Psychotherapist/Counsellor: Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) to provide in-person therapy and counselling appointments at our offices in Glasgow city centre). We


LOW-COST CBT, THERAPY AND COUNSELLING AVAILABLE IN GLASGOW CITY CENTRE My team are delighted to have a trainee/student CBT Therapist join the team to complete the last few months of his clinical qualification. Jamie graduates in summer 2021 and is looking for a few more clients who are interested in working with a trainee/student therapists for a low fee (the fee is merely to cover some of the costs and will be £20/session). Jamie can provide appointments on Wednesdays evenings at my offices in Glasgow city centre (West Regent Street). He will see clients across all 3 practices (Talking EDs; GADS and Citizen17) Jamie is supervised by two clinical supervisors (including me), engages in group supervision and is also monitored by his training college. If you or anyone you know might be interested in accessing low-cost CBT Therapy (organisations/businesses included), please feel free to get in touch with one the email addresses below for more information, to book an appointment or if you


Experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Psychologist: Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (GADS) Please note this position may close at any time, therefore, early submission of your application is highly encouraged. The GADS team is growing and we are experiencing an increased demand for our services. We are looking to recruit another suitably qualified and experienced psychotherpist, counsellor, CBT therapist or psychologist to join the team to provide psychotherapy, counselling, support and therapy sessions to clients. This is based in our offices in Glasgow city centre (in-person appointments), although there is the opportunity to see see some clients online and at other times. This role is NOT suitable for newly qualified practitioners (1-3 years). We are looking for experienced practitioners. We are looking to see a minimum of 5-6 clients per week (although other work will be available here and at our other should you want extra clients ). We do all the adm