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Relationships Can be Tricky, Can't They?

Relationships can be really tricky sometimes, can't they? Whether it's relationships with our family, friends, with work colleagues, our romantic partners or others, it's not always easy. Maybe we always try too hard for one particular person; feel we are taken advantage of; always end up doing the work; seem to conflict with someone in our family; or maybe the lust has gone from our romantic relationship.
There are so many scenarios and these make relationships complicated and tricky at times. Sound familiar?
It's not helped when we are presented with perfect and blissful pictures of relationships in the media and in films. We might feel we have to live up to those images or feel like a failure or that we're not good enough because our relationships are not like that. If only life was really like that! But it's not, and relationships with others can be problematic, upsetting, distressing, be too much or too little, mes…

Eating Disorders in Older People

Stop The Weight Game in Diagnosing Eating Disorders

So many of my psychotherapy clients, people who have attended the ED support group and social clubs, those who have attended consultations, those who I have chatted to in focus groups and those I have met in many other situations regarding eating disorders have told me how they have been denied access to help and support because of weight, not looking a certain way or not looking ill enough.

I have been in the field of eating disorders since 2001 when I was initially a researcher in psychology and, sadly, little has changed since then. Certain services still base access to help and support on the individual's weight. This can be dangerous: a ‘controllable’ range of behaviours can very easily turn into a serious illness with devastating consequences.

While Talking EDs is a private practice, I am proud to say we never ever discriminate access to services based on someone's weight or how ill they might or might not be.
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