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Happy Holidays!

The holidays dates for our various practices are below:        

Festive Stress

  FESTIVE STRESS This time of year can be stressful for lots of different reasons: end of year work deadlines; preparing for the festive holiday season; the prospect of attending festive parties; meeting up with friends of family (especially those we don't get on with); financial strain; social expectations; children being at home for holidays; and lots more. It's a lot to take on in quite a small period of time, isn't it? Stress affects us in so many different ways - emotional, social, psychological, physical, health, work, relationships, spiritual - and can affect each person in different ways. The poster below illustrates some of these effects. Hope you find it useful. It's important to address stress as soon as you can before it gets worse and begins impacting on other areas of your life. Avoid this 'snowballing' as soon as you can by talking to a professional or accessing some help and support. We do close early next week for our own holiday break, but we