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1/2 PRICE THERAPY, COUNSELLING, CONSULTING ROOM HIRE IN GLASGOW CITY CENTRE We are offering you 1/2 price room hire until 1st January 2022.   Take advantage of this 1/2 price opportunity: great for those starting a new private practice; for those moving location or securing a second location; or for those returning to in-person practice following the covid pandemic.   Room hire is usually £12/hour but is being offered at £6/hour until January 1st 2022.   What a great price for luxury, well-equipped consulting rooms in the heart of Glasgow! We have just re-decorated our rooms too, so everything is new and fresh.    We offer additional extras too (e.g. seasonal discounts; day-rates; free coffee and chat clubs for room users; discounted therapist support and supervision groups; discounted clinical supervision and more). If you would like more information or want to view some photos, please see the webste or contact us via email. Please see our contact details below.    So whether you are
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Journal Writing, You and Therapy

  Journal-Writing Living a hectic lifestyle and one that is filled with a lot of stress and distress can make it easy to lose track of those little things are so important: not only in relationship and in work, but in keeping healthy and looking after our emotional well-being.   Each stop on the road to achieving a balanced life, healthy lifestyle and increased sense of wellbeing is equally important.   A journal can be your companion to change. Studies have shown that writing things down aids the identification and achievement of goals, increases your motivation and aids positivity. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching a milestone and rewarding you for it: it may be a simple tick in the box, a lie in, a massage or a holiday.   Define it, write it down and tick it off. Use your journal to reflect on you goals, the steps you have taken, the achievements you have made and reflect your success and victories in matter how small or trivial they may seem. Every step is a

''It's like a rolleroaster at times and I don't know what to do''.

''It's like a rolleroaster at times and I don't know what to do''. What it's like to experience anxiety and low mood, sometimes at the same time, from someone we have worked with in therapy (quote posted with permission).   ''Sometimes I feel like I'm on high alert and constantly watching and anticipating something bad happening. I don't even know what bad thing will happen, it's just this feeling I get and it's awful. I feel sick, agitated, sometimes my heart races, sometimes I feel faint. I can't sleep well because I am worrying about's not even important stuff either. My brain never rests, I am always planning the next thing to do or worrying about things that might not even happen. As I said, it's not just affecting sleep; I can't relax, I've noticed I'm more impatient than usual; I am eating more to comfort myself and I seem to be doing millions at thinsg at once. I don't even know why I fee

VACANCY: Commitee Members for the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group (UK-wide applications accepted)

VACANCY: Commitee Members for the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group ( UK-wide applications accepted)   Hello, Talking EDs (Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland) are pleased to say that we have some volunteering vacancies available with the non-profit, voluntary arm of our business, the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group. Please see the attached Information Sheet which offers details about what the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group is. Before we open up membership of the Eating Disorder Therapist Networking Group to the public, we are looking to assemble a small group of volunteers who will be part of the Planning Group Committee. This is a great opportunity to volunteer 2-3 hours per month while meeting new people, developing new skills and knowledge and gaining experience in the eating disorder field and in planning and organising meetings and events. If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member on the Planning Group, please get in touc

8 Ways a Child's (and an Adult's) Anxiety Shows Up as Something Else

8 Ways a Child's (and an Adult's) Anxiety Shows Up as Something Else Many of us think of the 'fight, flight, freeze or fawn' response when thinking about what anxiety is. Or perhaps we have an image of someone shaking or blushing or having a panic attack when they feel anxious. While all of these are true for anxiety, it's important to note that anxiety can present and 'come out' in many different ways. This is especially true for children and young people who might not understand what they are feeling/experiencing or find it tricky to describe what is going on for them. Many adults can find it difficult to express or articulate their feelings and emotions too though, so the picture below can apply to anyone really. The info-pic below illustrates some ways in which a child's anxiety (or an adults) might show up as something else. I hope you find the info useful. Best wishes , Alexandra Talking EDs (Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland) Glasgow Anxiet

We have 2 vacancies available: Experienced Eating Disorder Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Psychologist (Glasgow in-person and/or online) and trainee CBT Therapist (general) (Glasgow in-person

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT   I have two vacancies available at my 3 practices: Talking EDs: Eating Disorder Support Service Scotland; Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service; and Citizen17 Therapy, CBT and Counselling Services **** VACANCY 1 This is for our Talking EDs practice (specialising in eating disorders/disordered eating) and we are looling for Experienced Eating Disorder Psychotherapist/Counsellor/Psychologist. This is primarily for over 16s although experience with working with under 16s is an advantage as we do sometimes receive enquiries for under 16s.  Although this is a specialist role in eating disorders, you will also receive referrals from our two other non-eating-disorder practices. We are looking for someone who can work in-person at our offices in Glasgow city centre (although thre will be opportunity for some online work too). We also welcome applications for practittioners who can not access Glasgow but can see clients online. Anyone across the UK is welcome

How can we help you?

  How can we help you? * Want to reduce and manage stress, anxiety, panic, tension or pressure? * Maybe you experience low mood, depression or mood changes that is really affecting your abiity to do things each day or that might be affecting your quality of life?   * Perhaps you find yourself worrying about certain situations, such as being in groups or crowds, or think the worst or imagine that things won't work out?   * Perhaps you find it difficult to make decisions, put things off, go over and over things in your mind or find it hard to motivate yourself or get going?   * Maybe your health, or the health of others, worries or concerns you and you can't stop thinking about? * Perhaps you have developed certain habits or behaviours that help you cope or feel safe at the time but that you know are causing problems in the long term?   * It might be that how you're feeling or what you're thinking is affecting your relationships? * Maybe work (or lack of) is bothering you