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  ABOUT FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS Feelings and emotions can be really tricky at times, can't they? . Sometimes we feel one 'big' emotion, and at other times it can seem like we feel lots of different, often conflicting emotions all at the one time. Does that ring a bell with you? Similarly, some feelings and emotions can be a bit easier to cope with than others. Sometimes we try to avoid 'feeling' feelings and do other things to help us cope with emotions. Often the things we do to help us cope with emotions we find difficult, distressful or hard to cope with are unhelpful or unhealthy (e.g. eating, smoking, drinking, self-harm, aggression etc.) and can end up causing us more problems over the long-term. The picture below illustrates that there are loads of different emotions too, some of which you may or may not be aware of. Emotions are tricky aren't they? If you are finding coping with emotions difficult or you would like to talk over how you are feeling with a
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BODY IMAGE AND BODY ESTEEM   The messages we get and absorb as children, teenagers and as adults about our bodies and appearance can really shape how we feel and think and about our bodies. These messages can come from school, parents, family, wider society, peers, friends, health professionals and things we read and see. These messages work to shape our perception of our body and can lead to negative body image and BDD (body dysmorphic disorder). This perception, however, is often not how we 'actually' look and so a discrepancy exists between 'perceived' or 'interpreted' body image, based on the messages we have absorbed over the years and our 'actual', 'real', or 'factual' appearance. Psychotherapy and counselling, amongst other things, would seek to reduce this gap or discrepancy and help you see the 'real' body, not the negative body image that has been shaped and coloured by unhelpful and even harmful messages from elsewhere


HEY, GUYS! YOUR VOICE COUNTS TOO!: Male Mental Health MEN'S HEALTH WEEK 2021   This is Men's Health Week and health includes mental health. It's really important that those identifying as male have just as much opportunity as anyone else to access support, talking therapies and a listening ear (and be understood and validated too). We often forget about this and many men experience unhelpful and exasperating comments such as 'Boys don't cry', 'Man up', Come on, be the big man' and 'why would you feel like that...don't be a girl!' Argggh! Why is is OK for females to talk about how they feel, but not men? Well, actually IT IS OK for boys and men to talk about how they feel. Actually, it's not just OK, we want to hear what things are like for you. You ARE IMPORTANT and what you are experiencing IS IMPORTANT! Talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings can not only help you, it can help other guys start taking and having conversations


MEN'S HEALTH WEEK 2021 This is Men's Health Week and health includes mental health. Men have mental health too and it's really important that those identifying as male have just as much opportunity as anyone else to access support, talking therapies and a listening ear (and be understood and validated too). This is a very powerful picture. We never really know what's going on for someone, even when they appear happy, content, calm or 'sorted'. I would suggest being gentle with yourself too - you are doing the best you can with what you have and where you are at this time. Take care, Alexandra    Talking EDs (Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Support Service) Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Service (GADS) Glasgow Therapy Rooms Citizen17 Therapy, CBT and Counselling Services    


MONDAY MOTIVATION FINDING CHANGE, PROGRESS, TRANSITIONS AND/OR RECOVERY TRICKY? If so, read towards the end, there is also a little activity you can do to determine what change means to you. FINDING CHANGE, PROGRESS, TRANSITIONS AND/OR RECOVERY TRICKY? Well, that's because it is. Do you want change to happen, but maybe, at the same time, you don't want anything to change? Maybe change seems daunting or scary. Perhaps you feel ambivalent about change? As many of you will know, change can be frightening, daunting and something we might want and not want at the same time. This is natural and understandable; after all, you the problem or concern you are struggling with (e.g. eating disorder, anxiety, worry, stress, low mood, etc.) has 'helped' you in some way, albeit in an unhealthy and unhelpful way. It's probably become your safety net, safe haven, comfort blanket; so to change can be anxiety-provoking and scary. Change is necessary though, in small steps, at YOUR p

Develop your Assertiveness Skills

 DEVELOP YOUR ASSERTIVENESS SKILLS * Are you sick of being taken advantage of at work, by family or in relationships? * Always find putting others before yourself? * Ever feel stressed and exhausted at the end of the week because your are meeting everyone else's need, but no-one meets yours? *Maybe you can't say 'no' and end up doing things or going places you either don't want to go to or have no time for. * Perhaps you don't have a lot of confidence or worry that if you don't go along with what others are doing/saying, they will think badly of you or criticise you. What stops you eing more assertive? Not being assertive can led to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety and difficulties with relationships. We can also often feel drained and taken advantage of when we just go along with others and don't stand up for ourselves or our needs and views. Assertiveness is a tricky business as we are often taught, from an early age, that we 's


Monday Motivation This week's #MondayMotivation looks at the 'Coping Toolbox' (see phot below). When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, angry, upset or have emotions and thoughts and feelings that feel 'too much' for you in the moment, try turning to a little 'Coping Toolbox' for some in-the-moment support and grounding.   The picture below makes some suggestions about what to add to your 'Toolbox'. Some of thes might be right for you and some might not be. Some might work for a while and some might work all the time. You choose what to put in your 'Toolbox' and if you want to ever change anything about it. I hope the picture below offers you a wee starting point. Good luck with building your own 'Toolbox'. And remember, if you need any help with it or need some additional support or need to talk to someone about what you're going through, you know where we are, just get in touch.   All the best,  Alexandra  Citizen1