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WHAT IS TRAUMA? 'Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes their sense of self and their ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences' (Karen Onderko).   Emotional and psychological trauma can result from a single event/incident or multiple events/incidents that cause a huge amount of stress in the body and that may compromise our sense of safety or security. People often think it's only the 'big things' or really 'serious' incidents that cause trauma, however, that's not true. We often experience what we call small 't's' that, if they have specific meaning/significance to us, or occur alongside an accummulation of other small 't's', can result in a traumatic experience.   It's really important to dispel this myth because many people don't seek support because they think or feel that the '
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The Anxiety Monster

The anxiety monster is small enough to sit on its victim's shoulder.... If you identify with the rest of the description below, why not get in touch and find out how we can support you. Q: Do you want to reduce anxiety or learn how to manage it more effectively? Q: Want to learn some tools and strategies that will help you stamp on that anxiety once and for all? Q: Want to feel calmer and more relaxed? Q: Want to not feel you are missing out so much? Q: Want to improve your quality of life? If you answer 'yes' to some or all of these questions, get in touch and start getting some support. The therapists and counsellors here at GADS are warm, friendly, experienced, understanding and will walk alongside you, supporting you all the way to start decreasing anxiety, stress and worry. We have therapists and counsellors who can provide in-person appointments at our offices in Glasgow city centre or online, via Zoom (we have therapists in Scotland and England for online appointmen

I have a best friend who I hate

I have a best friend who I hate... Many of the people we work with in therapy, counselling, CBT, groups, training and other capacities express how they have an almost love-hate relationship with food and eating. This can apply to any of the different forms of eating disorder/disordered eating that we see. Such a relationship causes so much distress and discomfort, not to mention the physical and often financial consequences that difficult relationships with food cause. Having such a 'best friend' also impacts on your social life and, for some, their work and education. How many lost opportunities, unfulfilled dreams and unmet needs have we witnessed and heard about over the years of working in this field? Too many to count. And all because of a 'best friend' who is really a destructive , critical bully who seeks only to harm and destroy us, not comfort. Sound harsh? Well, yes, it is. Because that's how eating disorders operate. It's when clients start seeing thi

Monday Motivation: The Tricky Brain

#MondayMotivation This week's #MondayMotivation focuses on 'The Tricky Brain'. We often talk about this in therapy and counselling and it can really help clients to see that many of the problems they blame themselves for are not their fault: the old part of our brain hasn't kept up and presents us with all sort of problems. Basically, the hardware and software in certain parts of our brain haven't updated, through no fault of our own, making things quite tricky for us, especially when it comes to anxiety, worry, panic and stress. So, parts of the brains operating system, built to help us many 1000s of year ago haven't updated, yet we still live our lives according to that old, outdated operating system. If you don't update your phone or laptop, it starts causing problems over time, right? Certain parts of the brain are the same. However, we can't reach into the brain and tinker about with those parts that haven't evolved so well, can we? No. But we

#FridayFacts - Male Eating Disorders

#FridayFacts Men and boys and anyone identifying with other genders experience eating disorders and disordered eating too.   We really need to stop leaving out non-females and other genders from the conversation. Why? Because to do so means we are discriminating against others, developing 'female-friendly' services only and perpetuating a very biased and unrepresentative picture of eating disorders. This means lots of people are don't have their voice heard and don't receive support and understanding.   Here at Talking EDs, we see males and those identifying with other genders, of all ages and backgrounds who experience a range of eating disorders and disordered eating.   As humans, we all eat after all. So why wouldn't eating disorder/disordered eating affect non-females and those identifying with other genders. I personally find it puzzling why so many people are left our of the eating disorders/disordered eating conversation.   Eating disorders do not discriminat

VACANCY: Experienced Psychotherapist/Counsellor in Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) in Glasgow

VACANCY: Experienced Psychotherapist/Counsellor in  Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) The team is growing again and we are experiencing an increased demand for services, meaning that Talking EDs is looking to recruit another experienced psychotherapist, counsellor or psychologist to join the team one afternoon and evening per week to provide psychotherapy, counselling, support and therapy sessions to clients. This is based in our offices in Glasgow city centre (in-person appointments), although there is the opportunity to see see some clients online and at other times. If you're interested, please see the advert on Indeed here: CLOSING DATE: TUESDAY 3RD NOVEMBER, 5PM, to start as soon as possible afterwards. This role is NOT suitable for newly qualified practitioners or those with little or no experience of working in the field of eating disorders/disordered eating. Ple

#MondayMotivation: Recovery Quotes

 #MONDAYMOTIVATION   This week's #MondayMotivation focuses on some quotes about 'recovery'. See the recovery quotes below. What does recovery mean to you? Best wishes , Alexandra Talking EDs (Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Support Service)