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Relationships Can be Tricky, Can't They?

Relationships can be really tricky sometimes, can't they? Whether it's relationships with our family, friends, with work colleagues, our romantic partners or others, it's not always easy. Maybe we always try too hard for one particular person; feel we are taken advantage of; always end up doing the work; seem to conflict with someone in our family; or maybe the lust has gone from our romantic relationship.
There are so many scenarios and these make relationships complicated and tricky at times. Sound familiar?
It's not helped when we are presented with perfect and blissful pictures of relationships in the media and in films. We might feel we have to live up to those images or feel like a failure or that we're not good enough because our relationships are not like that. If only life was really like that! But it's not, and relationships with others can be problematic, upsetting, distressing, be too much or too little, mes…
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Eating Disorders in Older People

Stop The Weight Game in Diagnosing Eating Disorders

So many of my psychotherapy clients, people who have attended the ED support group and social clubs, those who have attended consultations, those who I have chatted to in focus groups and those I have met in many other situations regarding eating disorders have told me how they have been denied access to help and support because of weight, not looking a certain way or not looking ill enough.

I have been in the field of eating disorders since 2001 when I was initially a researcher in psychology and, sadly, little has changed since then. Certain services still base access to help and support on the individual's weight. This can be dangerous: a ‘controllable’ range of behaviours can very easily turn into a serious illness with devastating consequences.

While Talking EDs is a private practice, I am proud to say we never ever discriminate access to services based on someone's weight or how ill they might or might not be.
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What do you want to throw away?

What do you want to throw away? Some anxious feelings? Some unhelpful habits? Some low mood? Or perhaps some stress? 

Whatever you want to throw away, we can help. We work with you, on an individual basis, at your own pace and with your goals in mind. We work with you, in partnership, to improve your quality of life and throw away some of the things that hold you back or no longer work for you.

Our therapists and counsellors and experienced, friendly, supportive and encouraging and will tailor therapy and counselling to you. 

Let us help you throw away some stuff. Get in touch to find out about how we can help.

1/2 Price Place at Therapist Peer Support and Supervision Group on 03.08.19, Glasgow city centre

I  am holding a Therapist Peer Support and Supervision Group for some of my affiliates/supervisees/room users on Saturday 3rd August 2019, 10am-12.20pm. I am offering this at 1/2 price (£10). This offers 2.5 hours CPD and can be counted towards supervision ratios. CPD certificate and refreshments included in price. It will be held in the office in Hope Street, Glasgow city centre.

I have one place left for anyone who is interested. It's not a The CBT'ers Club event (since the club is taking a break this year), however, it will be very similar to the Therapist Peer Support and Supervision Groups helps at The CBT'ers Club.

The space is only open to anyone who has been to one of The CBT'ers Club groups/meetings/events previously.

Payment by BACS and no refunds. If you are interested in attending or want more information, please get in touch via email asap to secure the place:

Best wishes,


Try it Today Challenge: Time Management



For many people, badly managed time can be a source of great stress to an individual – and also to those around them. Pressure of deadlines is very common in the fast-paced western world. Being asked to complete more work in less time can have a tremendous knock-on effect of potentially longer working hours, jobs left unfinished, family and social commitments suffering, a feeling of inadequacy etc. 

For many people, a reassessment of their time management skills can help enormously to ease stress, pressure and anxiety and put everything in perspective increase performance and improve wellbeing. 


Here's some steps you can follow that will help you to use and manage time more effectively, even when you are feeling down, depressed, anxious, stress or panicky: 

* Have clear, measurable goals. The greatest waste of time in our lives is having no idea of what we are sup…

VACANCY: We are looking for another affiliate therapist to join the team

Vacancy: Affiliate Therapist: Adult Eating Disorders (16+): Glasgow city centre (one morning/afternoon per week plus possible additional referrals)

* Would you like the opportunity to work with adult (16+) clients experiencing eating disorders/disordered eating in private practice?
* Would you like us to refer clients onto you while we take care of room hire fees, referral fees and advertising/marketing and still earn £30-£40 (£40 for after 5pm/weekend, £30 for daytime) per appointment?
* Would you like to receive other benefits, such as discounted supervision, access to room hire discounts (when you hire the room for your own clients), discounted access to therapist peer support groups and more?
* Would you like add a few clients to your own private practice and see the clients we refer on around your other commitments (i.e. you choose when you see clients)?
* Would you like to receive possible additional referrals from our other two …