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We are still open... offering online therapy and counselling (via Zoom or Email Therapy and Counselling)

We are still open and providing support, therapy, counselling and CBT for those looking for support, someone to talk to and a listening ear. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are currently only providing online therapy. We can provide therapy and counselling via a secure and GDPR-compliant video-conferening platoform called Zoom or we can provide Email Therapy and Counselling. You can return to face-to-face sessions once the situation has settled or continue with online sessions. The choice is yours. Online therapy means we can now reach more people and can therefore, provide appointments via Zoom or Email Therapy and Counselling to anyone in the UK.   We still have some appointment slots available with our various psychotherapists and counsellors, so please do feel free to get in touch for more information or to book an appointment. Thanks and speak soon, Alexandra www.citizen17therapy

Some words on COVID-19 and feelings of uncertainty, unknowingness, anxiety, fear and being out-of-control at the moment. Because we know many of you are feeling these things.

Some words on COVID-19 and feelings of uncertainty, unknowingness, anxiety, fear and being out-of-control at the moment. Because we know many of you are feeling these things. Amidst the panic and anxiety surrounding the current COVID-19 situation is the sense of feeling trapped, out-of-control or even helpless. These are some of the feelings our clients and those getting in touch about accessing therapy are expressing. The urgency and panic created by the media doesn't help with these feelings either and it only really increases our sense of things feeling out of our control. I think there are 2 things to consider that can help us surf through these waves of uncertainty, anxiety and sense of unknowingness. 1. ACCEPTANCE: The first is acceptance. While it is distressful to do so, accepting that life for the next few months will be different can be really helpful. That's just how it is. There's nothing we can do about the virus because it

Do Eating Disorders Affect Many *Males?

Do Eating Disorders Affect Many *Males? *Males: anyone identifying as male It is difficult to determine how many females actually experience persistent and debilitating eating and food difficulties, or an eating disorder. We will never know the exact extent of this problem for various reasons. However, this partly due to the secretive nature of eating disorders and the high level of denial often involved, especially during the first few stages of the illness. To determine how many males actually experience food and eating difficulties is an even more difficult task. The concept of ‘male eating disorders’ is still somewhat new in many ways and there is a long way to go to increase awareness of male eating disorders, let alone determine how many males actually experience food and eating problems. This, however, influences things further down the line: if we don’t increase awareness of male eating disorders successfully, fewer men will acknowledge they

Are you stressed?

Are you stressed? Here's a little Stress Questionnaire that you can try for yourself. Of course, we are all different in how we experience stress, handle it, cope with it and manage it. There are no right and wrong answers and it can be small and the bigger things in life than cause us stress.  Stress can affect our physical and mental health as well as impact our relationships, work, ability to sleep or relax, our appetite, our libido, our ability to focus, concentrate or be motivated and many other things. Stress is a big deal and the quicker you addres it, the sooner you begin to reduce stress and manage any future stresors in a helpful, constructive way. Try the questionnaire below and if you need someone to talk to or are looking for some support with reducing and managing stress, get in touch with us - we are here to help, listen, encourage and support. Best wishes,  Alexandra

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020 - what are you doing?

It's Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020. What are you doing to mark the week and raise awareness of eating disorders and disordered eating? This week, we are: * Posting lots on social media and writing blogs * Meeting with Beat's Network Officer for Scotland on Saturday * Have a drop-in on Thursday morning * Delivering our 'Let's Bust Some Myths: Eating Disorders' workshop to a private company * Delivering therapy sessions * Hosting a Supervision Group for therapists and counsellors working in eating disorders * Posting our our 'Myth-Busting' posters/leaflets to various places in and around Glasgow What are you doing this week. Let us know!  Best wishes ,  Alexandra