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Affiliate Therapist/Counsellor Wanted: Adult Eating Disorders (Glasgow)

We are looking for another therapist/counsellor to join the team, preferably an Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Therapist or Integrative Therapist. Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested. See poster below for details. Good luck! 

Focus on..... Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Focus on..... Binge Eating Disorder (BED) Binge Eating Disorder or BED is often characterised by someone consuming very large amounts of food over short period of time, even if they are not hungry.  BED is almost 2x as common in women than in men, although gender difference less pronounced than in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. BED has been found is all cultures and ethnicities.  BED was formally classified in 2014 as distinct Eating Disorder and now has formal classification in DSM-5. Keeping in mind that everyone experiencing BED is different and BED may present differently (we are all different and unique, after all!), some of the signs and symptoms of BED include: * Feeling out-of-control when eating during a binge episode. * Often hiding food (before it has been eaten or hiding empty packets after i has been eaten). * Consuming large amounts of food over short period of time. * Lying about what you have eaten. * Eating when depressed, anxious,

Words on Recovery

** WORDS ON RECOVERY ** -Recovery is turning mountains into hills. -Recovery is never giving up. -Recovery, where anything can happen. -Recovery is life taking on new meaning. -Recovery is improving myself in life and staying healthy. You can shine no matter what you are made of. -Recovery is the part of life that leads to better things.    

Affiliate Therapist Required: Anxiety and Depression - one evening in Glasgow city centre.

Affiliate Therapist Required: one evening in Glasgow city centre. See poster below for details and how to request a Role Description and Application Form. Good luck!

Sleep and Mental Health: It's the 'Chicken and Egg' Dilemma, isn't it?

Sleep can affect our mental health and our mental health can affect our sleep. It's the 'chicken and egg' dilemma sometimes with sleep, isn't it? Today's post focuses on 'Sleep and Napping'. I don't know about you, but I could always do with a bit more sleep, especially through the cold and dark winter months! Read the article here: I feel like a nap now - maybe the 90-minute one?!! Alexandra:-)  

Negative Body Image: Actual and Perceived Body Image

The messages we get and absorb as children, teenagers and as adults about our bodies and appearance can really shape how we feel and think and about our bodies. These messages can come from school, parents, family, wider society, peers, friends, health professionals and things we read and see. These messages work to shape our perception of our body and can lead to negative body image. This perception, however, is often not how we 'actually' look and so a discrepancy exists between 'perceived' or 'interpreted' body image, based on the messages we have absorbed over the years and our 'actual', 'real', or 'factual' appearance. Therapy and counselling, amongst other things, would seek to reduce this gap or discrepancy and help you see the 'real' body, not the negative body image that has been shaped and coloured by unhelpful and even harmful messages from elsewhere over the years. All the best, Alex

Sometimes we need to trust and believe in ourselves a bit more....

Sometimes we need to trust and believe in ourselves a bit more....

VACANCY: Planning Group Committee Members Wanted for Glasgow & West Eating Disorders Networking Group

PLANNING GROUP COMMITTEE MEMBERS WANTED for Glasgow & West Eating Disorders Networking Group Glasgow & West Eating Disorders Networking Group is a networking, ideas, discussion and interest group for anyone in Scotland with a professional interest in eating disorders.  Please note this is NOT a support group for those experiencing eating disorders. It will also be separate from the other services we provide (e.g. CBT, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, groups, mental health consultations, supervision, training etc.) A group of us started a similar network group in 2012 and it continued until 2016. This was for anyone interested in eating disorders either in a professional capacity from different parts of Scotland, who would like to network, meet for discussions, gatherings, focus groups, social activities, events and lots more. We are now re-launching and re-naming the networking group in 2019 and now looking for some new Planning Group Committee Mem