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Calling All Organisations, Companies and Businesses

CALLING ALL ORGANISATIONS, COMPANIES AND BUSINESSES Did you know we also work with other organisations and companies providing psychotherapy, counselling and dietetic services for their own clients and customers as well as their own staff and employees? If your organisation or company is looking for a staff counselling service or for a service to refer your own clients and customers (in-house, at our premises or online), get in touch and let's have a chat to find out what we can offer. We can provide client/customer psychotherapy and counselling; staff and employee psychotherapy and counselling; clinical supervision; staff de-briefing (individual and groups; staff support groups; therapy groups; support drop-ins; consultancy, dietetic and nutrition services and more. We are passionate about Making Mental Health Everyone's Business. Get in touch to find our how we can support you, your staff and employees and your clients and customers. Best wishes, Talking EDs: Eating Disorders

What do you want? What do you need?

What do you want? What do you need?     * Do you want to feel less anxious in social situations?   * Maybe you don't want to be held back by guilt and shame?   * Do you feel low or depressed and it's stopping you enjoying life?   * Is work getting to you and leaving you stressed and tired?   * Do you want to understand yourself and your life more?   * Maybe you want to improve your relationships?   * Do you want to feel less stressed and sleep better?   * Do you want to feel more confident and feel better about yourself?   * Do you want to be able to say 'no' to unwanted requests/things you don't want to do?   * Do you want to decrease coping strategies that no longer work for you?   * Maybe you self-sabotage and it's affecting your life now   * Do you want to be ore assertive or feel more comfortable asking what you need and want?   * Perhaps you are lonely and want to improve this   * Maybe life has no meaning and you want to find meaning   * Maybe you feel st