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Progress and Change

  Change and Progress 'The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change''. Do we really want to change our thoughts, behaviours, actions, feelings, habits, way of life? Do we feel ready for change and progress?   Change is a big deal and important when seeking help, support, psychotherapy or counselling. Sometime we really want things to change, but don't know how this can be possible. We may also feel that we are faced with barriers, obstacles or limitations.    Do you want to change but feel there are obstacles? How can we overcome these? What support can we get to help with this? What are the reasons for wanting to change? How can we bring about change? Someone asked us this week what 'recovery' was. Recovery involves change and making progress, but it looks different to everyone. It's a tricky question to answer because what 'recovery' means to one person might mean something else to another. And, of course, what recov