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Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2020!

Part 1: Discounted 1/2 Therapy/Consulting/Counselling Room Hire in Glasgow city centre. Group/Training/Meeting Room also available

** Please note this post is in 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (see other 2 parts with photos below) THERAPY/CONSULTING/COUNSELLING ROOM HIRE - DISCOUNTED and MEETING/WORKSHOP/TRAINING GROUP SPACE AVAILABLE IN GLASGOW CITY CENTRE I've recently moved office, from Hope Street, to West Regent Street in Glasgow city centre. 2 offices are available. ** ROOM 2: ISHERWOOD ROOM: a smaller therapy/consulting/counselling room that can accommodate 4 people and be used for one-to-one or couples therapy. This room is currently being offered at 1/2 price for January, February and March 2020 (£5/hour for January, February and March 2020. this returns to £10/hour thereafter). This room cannot be booked on a one-off basis and is reserved for regular users only. ** ROOM 1: FITZGERALD ROOM: this is a larger office that has been set up for therapy and for groups, meetings and small workshops/training (up to 10 people). Fees are: £20/hour for therapy/counselling, £25/hour for

Part 2: Therapy/Consulting/Counselling Room Hire and Meeting/Workshop/Group Space in Glasgow city centre - Room 1 Photos

Photos: Room 1: Fitzgerald Room

Part 3: Therapy/Consulting/Counselling Room Hire and Meeting/Workshop/Group Space in Glasgow city centre - Room 2 Photos

Photos: Room 2: Isherwood Room and other areas in the office suite    

Stand Up to the ED Bully

Stand Up to the ED Bully ''I have a bully in my life called Ed. ''Food is bad. I can't have food. Ed tells me so. Ed is more powerful then me and so Ed must be right.'' These are words I hear all the time from people who have experience of an eating disorder or disordered eating, whether that be clients I see in psychotherapy, support groups, consultations, training or via email. There is nothing bad, dirty or guilty about having to eat food in order to survive and remain healthy. It is part of nature. The only 'thing' that tells you this is that of the voice of Ed, your eating disorder. Ed thinks s/he/it has the upper hand, that s/he/it is stronger and more powerful than you. Yes, that may seem so at the moment, especially if you are struggling so much with these difficulties.  However, the eating disorder is like the bully we see in workplaces, in the school playground, in the street outside. The bully puts on a facade of b

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit

Take time for you. Self-care. Relax. Get some sleep. Have a bath. Do something you enjoy. Talk to someone you like. Spend time with you dog or cat. Whatever it might be, rest and take time before giving up - there's no hurry to get up those steps. All the best, Alexandra

We are Moving! Our New Address

We are moving into 2 new offices on 7th December 2019. Don't worry: we are moving just around the corner from the current office. Our new address is: Isherwood Room (buzzer 22) and Fitzgerald Room (buzzer 23), Regent Business Centre, 2nd Floor, 180 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4RW Here is a map that I hope you find useful:,+Glasgow/@55.8635379,-4.2607527,17.87z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48884427140c886f:0xbd793b13271980a8!8m2!3d55.8638847!4d-4.2617403