Today is #TimeToTalk Day - what are you doing to help start conversations about mental health?

Today is #TimetoTalk Day. Conversations have the power to change lives, and you don't have to be an expert to talk about mental health.

Still, too many people are made to feel ashamed because of a mental health problem. You can change that: however you do it, reach out and have a conversation about mental health today.

As far as we are concerned, everyday is #TimeToTalk and we can start conversations about mental health at any time. We haven't planned an event to mark this, this year, however, we plan on doing an event later this year to start conversations and sharing about mental health. Would you be interested? If so, email us on or

I will be talking about mental health all day when seeing therapy clients and then teaching trainee therapists tonight. What will you being doing to mark #TimeToTalk Day?


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