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Experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist/Psychologist: Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) (part-time, Glasgow city centre, in-person appointments)


Please note this position may close at any time, therefore, early submission of your application is highly encouraged.




Talking EDs: Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Support Service seek to recruit a suitable psychotherapist, counsellor or psychologist to join our friendly, supportive team of psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health practitioners and dieticians. We are recruiting for an Affiliate Specialist Psychotherapist/Counsellor: Eating Disorders (Adults and Children) to provide in-person therapy and counselling appointments at our offices in Glasgow city centre).

We are looking for someone who can offer at least 5-6 appointment slots per week (although other work will be available here and at our other non-eating disorder practices, should you want extra clients ). We do all the admin, getting the clients, arranging appointments, answering enquiries etc. - your role is to provide therapy sessions with the clients we refer to you.

This is a sessional self-employed role, however, you are very much part of a team and your will receive various benefits and discounts as part of your role. We regularly check in with affiliates and you will have access to individual and group supervision, networking events, discounts, updates, prize draws and more. This is a flexible role that you can fit around your other commitments.

Here's some of the abilities, skills and experiences we are looking for:

  • Qualified therapist/counsellor/psychotherapist/psychologist (all modalities considered). We work from an integrative model, and prefer practitioners to tailor sessions as much as possible to each client's needs and way of working;
  • This role is NOT SUITABLE for newly qualified clinicians (e.g. under 3 years) or for those who don't have substantial experience working directly with eating disorder clients/patients;
  • Qualified for at least 4-5 years;
  • Experience of working with at least 2-3 different forms of eating disorder/disordered eating (e.g. BED, AN, BN, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, purging disorder, restrictive eating, orthorexia, NES etc.);
  • Ability to work with adults, young people and children (under 16s):
  • We are a specialist service, so you must have significant experience working with individuals experiencing difficult relationships with food/eating disorders. If you don't have the experience, this role isn't for you;
  • Preferable that you have worked with at least over 30 different individual clients experiencing eating disorders or problems with food and eating. Our clients are looking for therapists who have lots of experience working with eating disorders/disordered eating.
  • Some additional experience in the fields of eating disorders is desirable (but not essential (e.g. group-work, training, campaigning, support work, research etc.);
  • Be willing to work in-person at our offices in Glasgow city centre.
  • Current professional and public indemnity insurance, PVG/Disclosure, membership of a counselling/health/psychotherapy/psychology professional body, current ICO Data Protection certificate and HMRC self-employment registration is required (or be willing to achieve these)

Here's what we can offer:

  • £31-£45/hour (£31 for day-time appointments, £41 for evening/weekend appointments).
  • Friendly, supportive and encouraging team
  • Comfortable working environment within luxury, well-equipped consulting rooms in Glasgow city centre (for those applying for the in-person position)
  • Flexible working arrangements that you can fit around other commitments
  • Fee annual membership to The CBT'ers Club and Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Networking Group; discounted clinical supervision (should you wish to work with our supervisor); access to 3-4 free support and supervision groups for affiliates, per year; welcome gift; opportunity to pick up extra client work; invites to events; other opportunities; and referrals from our other two practices, should you want them; free networking events; support from the team - you are not alone

*START DATE: end of  April 2021*

Contact us for a Role Description and Application Form or if you have any questions or need any further information information. Plese note that we do not accept CVs and these will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you.

Application Deadline: 12/04/2021

Expected Start Date: 30/04/2021

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: £31.00-£45.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
We have legal paperwork (practitioner and client/patient consent forms) drawn up regarding COVID-19 safe guidelines; weekly risk assessments; regular cleaning and other safety and hygiene precautions to minimise risk (applies to in-person applicants only)

 Please contact us for a Role Description and Application Form

CLOSING DATE: 12/04/21

Best wishes,

Talking EDs: Glasgow and West Eating Disorders Support Service



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