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''It's like a rolleroaster at times and I don't know what to do''.

''It's like a rolleroaster at times and I don't know what to do''.

What it's like to experience anxiety and low mood, sometimes at the same time, from someone we have worked with in therapy (quote posted with permission).

''Sometimes I feel like I'm on high alert and constantly watching and anticipating something bad happening. I don't even know what bad thing will happen, it's just this feeling I get and it's awful. I feel sick, agitated, sometimes my heart races, sometimes I feel faint. I can't sleep well because I am worrying about's not even important stuff either. My brain never rests, I am always planning the next thing to do or worrying about things that might not even happen. As I said, it's not just affecting sleep; I can't relax, I've noticed I'm more impatient than usual; I am eating more to comfort myself and I seem to be doing millions at thinsg at once. I don't even know why I feel so anxious. Sometimes it dips and the opposite happens and I feel really low and depressed and don't want to do anything. It's like a rolleroaster at times and I don't know what to do. I need to talk to someone who understand, because my work colleagues, friend and family don't get it''.

Sound familiar? Maybe some of this speaks to you? If so, why not get in touch today and see how we can support you with anxiety, depression, stress and much more.
Our understanding, warm and encouraging therapists and counsellors are all highly qualified and tailor therapy sessions to you and what you are going through. We also go at your pace and review how things are going regularly too.

We can offer in-person appointments in Glasgow city centre or online appointments to anyone in the UK. Contact us for availability.

Morning/afternoon/evening and weekend appointments available. Appointments can be weekly or fortnightly (or more/less frequent) and therapy can be short, medium or long-term. The choice is yours (although you can chat about this with your therapist).

See the website for more information here: or contact us directly via email: if yu would like more information, have any questions or want to book an initial appointment.

Get some support now so that you can get on with the rest of yoru life without like the person quoted above. Take that step today...and we will be alongside you as you make those changes and learn new ways to manage stress, anxiety, stress, low mood, depression and more.

Best wishes,

Glasgow Anxiety and Depression Counselling Services (GADS) 



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