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How can we help you?

 How can we help you?

* Want to reduce and manage stress, anxiety, panic, tension or pressure?

* Maybe you experience low mood, depression or mood changes that is really affecting your abiity to do things each day or that might be affecting your quality of life?
* Perhaps you find yourself worrying about certain situations, such as being in groups or crowds, or think the worst or imagine that things won't work out?
* Perhaps you find it difficult to make decisions, put things off, go over and over things in your mind or find it hard to motivate yourself or get going?
* Maybe your health, or the health of others, worries or concerns you and you can't stop thinking about?

* Perhaps you have developed certain habits or behaviours that help you cope or feel safe at the time but that you know are causing problems in the long term?
* It might be that how you're feeling or what you're thinking is affecting your relationships?

* Maybe work (or lack of) is bothering you and you need some support in this area?

* Maybe you have some bigger questions in life and have found yourself wondering who you are, your meaning or purpose in life or questioning your identity or sexuality?
* Perhaps you have experienced some form of trauma or have experience of PTSD and need to talk to someone about this?

Whatever the case might be (and it might be one not listed above), we are here to listen, support and help you improve life, a step at a time. There's no hurry, no pressure, no expectations and no talking about things you're not teady to talk about.

Our therapists and counsellors are patient, understanding, supportive, warm and go at your pace. You are in the driving seat in therapy.

If you would like some support or just want some more information, give us a shout. We're here to answer any queries you have.

Taking that first step is scary, we know that. However, it could be the step that really helps you onto the journey to improving your life and addressing the things that are causing you pain, hurt, anxiety and a decreased quality of life.

Take that first step and get in touch with us below. What are you waiting for? Go on, it's time.

Speak soon.

Citizen17 Therapy, CBT and Counselling Services (Glasgow)


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