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Journal Writing, You and Therapy



Living a hectic lifestyle and one that is filled with a lot of stress and distress can make it easy to lose track of those little things are so important: not only in relationship and in work, but in keeping healthy and looking after our emotional well-being.
Each stop on the road to achieving a balanced life, healthy lifestyle and increased sense of wellbeing is equally important.
A journal can be your companion to change. Studies have shown that writing things down aids the identification and achievement of goals, increases your motivation and aids positivity. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching a milestone and rewarding you for it: it may be a simple tick in the box, a lie in, a massage or a holiday.
Define it, write it down and tick it off. Use your journal to reflect on you goals, the steps you have taken, the achievements you have made and reflect your success and victories in matter how small or trivial they may seem. Every step is a success!
Your goals, your rewards!
Some of our psychotherapy and counselling clients even journal as part of their therapy work.
Journalling is great, however, if you need some extra mental health support, get in touch with us to find our how skilled, professional and understanding therapists and counsellors can support you. We can provide in-person appointments in Glasgow city centre and online appointments anywhere in the UK (we have online therapists in various parts of Scotland and England).
Our therapists and counsellors can be your companion to change too. Our contact details are in the comments below.
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